My name is Kristine Lindbjerg. I am a Danish graphic designer living and working in beautiful Sydney, Australia. I established my own company Lindbjerg Grafik in Copenhagen, Denmark 16 years ago and Lindbjerg Graphic Pty Ltd in Sydney, Australia in 2010.

  I LOVE what I do. I put a lot of heart and soul into every single project. I enjoy seeing how I can transform a bunch of ideas and text into a beautiful visual identity.

   Every project I get widens my horizon and enriches me. I will be redesigning a logo one day and designing a cook book the next day, in between creating the total visual identity. That is exactly what I LOVE about my job: The diversity of it and the opportunity it gives me to be a positive influence on each single project. This is what drives me and makes me eager to go to the office every day.

   I can't wait to see what kind of project you would like me to do. 

Feel free to contact me on my mobile 0408822204 or send me an email to





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